Jacob Greco is a Toronto based comedian, writer, and video editor.He has performed in comedy festivals across North America including Just For Laughs Montreal, OFF-JFL, SF Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, NYC Sketchfest, and a handful of other ones but repeating the word "Sketchfest" over and over again is getting tiresome so just use your imagination.As an editor, he specializes in social media content for streaming services including Netflix, Prime Video, BBC, and CBC Gem. Past projects include:

Kids In The Hall [Prime, 2022]
Last One Laughing Canada [Prime, 2022]
The Lake [Prime, 2022]
Blown Away [Netflix, 2022]
This Is Pop [Netflix, 2021]
This Hour Has 22 Minutes [CBC, 2022]
The Next Step [BBC, CBC, 2022]
Overlord & The Underwoods [CBC, 2021]

As a writer, Jacob has worked on multiple Crave/Just For Laughs Festival stand-up tapings including Homegrown Comics and The Stand-Up Show with Jon Dore and Katherine Ryan.Most recently, he scripted the plot and dialogue for a browser based point-and-click game for the CNE.A few years ago he wrote & developed multiple episodes of the Motortrend series Rev'd Up.Here's a super-fan's review of Rev'd Up :