Jacob Greco

Jacob Greco is a Toronto based writer, comedian, and good thing creator.

He has performed across North America in festivals including OFF-JFL, SF Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, and POP Montreal. He has opened for comics such as Todd Glass, Michelle Wolf, Myq Kaplan, and Tim & Eric Awesome Show's David Liebe Hart.

Jacob has written for Just For Laughs stand-up tapings including Homegrown Comics and The Stand-Up Show. He also wrote hundreds of one-liner jokes for the Velocity Network series Rev'd Up, a clip-show about cars, a subject which he continues to know painfully little about.


Comedy things



Rev'd Up (6x30min episodes) - Writer for 6x30min episodes

The Stand Up Show with Katharine Ryan - Writer's Assistant

The Stand Up Show with Jon Dore - Writer's Assistant

Homegrown Comics - Writer's Assistant


The Beaverton.com


The Gamer.com


Below are log-lines for original pilot scripts. For more info, contact Jacob directly.

CYBER LORD (Adult Animated Comedy) - Written by Jacob Greco & Mike Carrozza

With the help of his loyal crew, a cybernetic entity from another dimension learns about the human condition by captivating the planet with his massively popular live-broadcast program

BARD * (Adult Animated Comedy) - Written by Jacob Greco

A downtrodden bard and his struggling talent agent set out to make a name for themselves in an unforgiving fantasy realm.

*Semifinalist - 2019 ScreenCraft Animation Competition